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Why Dr Pepper?

Because it's a popular soft drink and there's more to it than Wikipedia says!


Q - What is Dr Pepper?

A - Dr Pepper is a soft drink marketed as having a unique flavor. The drink was created in the 1880s by Charles Alderton of Waco, Texas and first served around 1885.

Q - When was Dr Pepper created?

A - Dr Pepper was first nationally marketed in the United States in 1904 and is now also sold in Europe, Asia and South America. Variants include a non-high fructose corn syrup version, Diet Dr Pepper, as well as a line of versions with additional flavors, first introduced in the 2000s.

Q - What makes Dr Pepper so special?

A - W.W. Clements, a former CEO and president of the Dr Pepper/7-Up Company, described the taste of Dr Pepper as one-of-a-kind, saying, "I've always maintained you cannot tell anyone what Dr Pepper tastes like because it's so different. It's not an apple, it's not an orange, it's not a strawberry, it's not a root beer, it's not even a cola. It's a different kind of drink with a unique taste all its own."

Q - Alright, where can I learn more about Dr Pepper?

A - That's easy, right here!

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